2019: Natural Resources: Cooperation or Conflict?

2019 Policy Corner – Aleph-Analisi Strategiche Essay Competition

How does the endowment with natural resources – be they oil and gas, steel and gemstones, cobalt and lithium, or water and soil quality – impact the relationship between states? How will the scarcity of resources like fossil fuels, but also water and fertile land, impact international relations in the future? How have the profound changes the international system has been undergoing since the advent of the 21st century impacted the relationship between states through the channel of factor endowment on the one hand, and climate change on the other?

This essay competition organized by Aleph – Analisi Strategiche and the Policy Corner calls on students and young professionals to submit an original 800-1000 word policy paper analyzing the effect of natural resources on international politics, project the future development of this field of tension, and propose original policies to mitigate its risks and manage its challenges.

The winning paper will be announced by the jury at an event in early May in Milan. We encourage you to use of this opportunity to sharpen your writing skills, join the debate, and publish your thoughts and ideas on international platforms with an interested audience.


Please note that this competition is only open for students and young professionals of 30 years and younger.


The extended deadline for submission is: April 22, 2019. Submissions should be sent via email to submissions@policycorner.org in either .doc or .docx formats. In order to submit the best article possible, please familiarise yourself with our submission requirements and the format of articles on the Policy Corner website. Please note that we only accept and publish articles which conform to these criteria. Submission emails should include the following information, not appearing on the paper itself:

Your name

Title and word count of your document

Your age

Your current location

Information on your age, name, and location will neither be shared with the review team nor with the jury.

To ensure the quality of published texts, the selected essays will go through an editorial procedure and authors may be asked to adapt their essays before publication.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch via contact@policycorner.org