The Policy Corner is an inclusive, independent platform for students and young professionals to publish research-based articles on global issues. Our mission is to empower young scholars to engage in public debate while providing readers with innovative commentaries on current policy challenges. All articles are subject to double-blind peer review, providing contributors constructive feedback on their argument and writing.

The Policy Corner was founded in 2016 by a group of eleven master’s students studying international affairs at the Free University of Berlin and Sciences Po Paris. The majority of our team is currently based in Berlin. Since October 2016 our team has been supported by six master’s students at Sciences Po, who are contributing as members of a Projet Collectif.

Our Team

Leonardo Balieiro

As part of the editorial team, Leo is responsible for copyediting articles due for publication. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, where he studied international relations. Leo is currently a Master of Arts candidate studying International Economics, Strategic Studies, and Europe. His interests include U.S. foreign policy, grand strategy, U.S.-European relations, and Chinese foreign policy.

Bianca Becca

Bianca is currently is currently a peer reviewer for the European Affairs and Politics & Society sections. As a founding member of The Policy Corner she held editorial management positions throughout our first year. Bianca holds a dual master's degree in European Affairs and is particularly interested in the European Union as an actor in foreign and security policy.

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Alina Bill-Weilandt

Alina is our Treasurer and a member of the Communications team, responsible for the organization of the working group’s meetings and for keeping track of the timelines. Alina is completing a dual master’s degree in environmental policy with a concentration in project management and a regional focus on Latin America. She is particularly interested in water and climate politics and has worked on environmental justice, climate-related displacement and the realization of the human right to water.

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Sarah Bressan

Sarah is a founding member of The Policy Corner e.V. and currently serves as vice president. She is in charge of managing different aspects of our work, including the coordination of the team project at Sciences Po Paris and our strategic direction. Her current research focuses on multilateral conflict prevention and the role of expertise and power in policy making processes.

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Dylan Chambers

Dylan is responsible for strategic direction and is a copy-editor in the Editorial team. Dylan studies International Public Management and Political Science and works as a research assistant at the Berlin Social Science Center. His research interests include economic governance, trade agreements, and development policy.

Felicitas Fritzsche

Felicitas is a member of the editorial management team and co-responsible for the peer-review process. She finished her Bachelor degree at University College Maastricht and is currently pursuing her Master in Public Policy at the University of Potsdam. Her interests include International and European law, international organisations, and development policy.

Nadine Grimm-Pampe

Nadine manages our editorial process and the peer-review process along with Felicitas. She is completing a double master’s degree in International Development and works at the SFB700 research center at FU Berlin. Her research interests include land use and food security, spatial inequalities and the nexus of conflict and development.

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Felix Hoffmann

Felix is producing and moderating the Policy Corner Podcast and coordinates the work of The Policy Corner. He currently pursues his Masters degree in International Relations and Journalism at SciencesPo Paris. Felix’ research interests include International Relations, Human Rights and Peace and Conflict Studies.

Tobias Jerzewski

Tobias is a peer-reviewer for The Policy Corner. He is currently completing a Dual Master’s degree in European Affairs and works as a Program Assistant for The Aspen Institute Germany. His research interests include European integration, Poland’s role within the EU, the neighbourhood policy towards Ukraine, as well as Franco-German Relations. Besides his addiction to French “savoir vivre”, he is a true sports lover.

Contact Yasser

Yasser Lahbibi

Yasser is responsible for our website design. He is currently completing his double master’s degree in International Public Management and his main area of interest is the political dynamics and diplomatic relations with Arab countries in the Middle East. He has a strong interest in IT with a focus on web technologies & development.

Dmitriy Miryan

Dmitriy is copy-editing manager and peer-reviewer for The Policy Corner and he supports our communication via Twitter. Made in Ukraine and raised in Germany, he now pursues a Masters in Political Science, focusing on international affairs in general, and Russia’s foreign and security policy in particular. Currently based in Brussels, he works in the field of international security and loves borsch.

Contact Delia

Delia Roling

As part of the Communications Team, Delia manages the social media channels. She is also the internal coordinator for the Web & Design team. She studies European Affairs and is particularly interested in diplomatic relations as well as environmental policies.

Anna Rößing

As a member of the Policy Corner, Anna is jointly responsible for the essay competition on new economic thinking and supports the peer-review process. She holds a Master’s in Conflict, Security, and Development from Sussex University and finished her Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Her interests include International Security, (Critical) Security Studies, weapons control, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Technology Assessments, emerging technologies.

Kate Saslow

Kate coordinates the Partnerships team and collaborates with relevant organisations around Europe. Currently pursuing her Master of International Affairs, Kate is following a sub-concentration in Security and Sustainability and is particularly interested in gender and international security. She aspires to expand on these interests through research and a career in policy making.

Contact Fabio

Fabio Thoma

Fabio is responsible for the strategic direction of our project and organizes events and trainings. Fabio has a particular interest in questions of sustainable development and inclusive growth. Besides his studies he works as a consultant for the IFC MENA Development Impact Unit.

Paris Team

Serafine Dinkel

Serafine is responsible for the outreach and communications strategy of the Paris team of the Policy. She is pursuing the joint masters’ degree between Sciences Po and the University of St. Gallen, specializing in her first year in International Security. Her primary interests are peace and security, human rights, international law as well as European affairs.

Michael Hürlimann

Michael is part of the Projet Collectif editorial team at SciencesPo. In Paris, he studies International Economic Policy with a regional emphasis on the post-Soviet space. He completed his Bachelor degree in Political Science and History at the University of Zurich, where he started to specialize in issues pertaining to the political economy of development. His academic interests lie in econometrics, economic policy making in a globalized world, the cultural and institutional determinants of development as well as demographic shifts.

Balázs Kiss

Balázs is responsible for the organisation of the policy writing competition. He is currently pursuing a master in International Public Management at Sciences Po, specialising in Emerging Economies as well as China and East Asia. During his BA years, he studied International Relations with a special emphasis on the European integration. His interests lie in foreign policy analysis, new Chinese-led initiatives, the rise of populist movements in the EU, and relations between China and East-Central Europe.

Vanessa Malari

Vanessa is a peer-reviewer for economic policy and supports our editorial management. She is in the Master’s of International Economic Policy at Sciences Po Paris. Vanessa completed her undergraduate degree at the Sciences Po Euro-American campus, where she specialized in Economics and Political Science. Her particular areas of interest are political economy, development and emerging economies. She is also very interested in political philosophy and spent her last year working as an editorial assistant and doing research on the arts and political engagement at the Sorbonne.

Moritz Valentino Matzner

Moritz is part of the editorial team. Before pursuing a MA in International Security at Sciences Po Paris and FU Berlin he studied political science at FU Berlin and the University of Chicago and worked as a journalist. He likes to unveil political and economic interests when investigating a security environment and to connect financial flows, development assistance, and foreign policy.

Ila Schoop Rutten

Ila is responsible for editing coordination within the Sciences Po Projet Collectif team. She holds a double bachelor of Political Science and Psychology and is currently pursuing a master of Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at Sciences Po, Paris. Passionate about human rights advocacy and social policy, her past research projects have included education policy, the role of historical narratives in intractable conflicts, the psychological health and well-being of migrants, food security, and environmental justice.

Jill van de Walle

Jill is in charge of regional planning within the SciencesPo Projet Collectif team. She holds a bachelor in International and European Law and is currently pursuing a master in International Public Management at SciencesPo Paris, where she specializes in China and East Asian Studies and Environmental policy. Her research interests are in China’s South-South development and economic cooperation, energy policy, environmental justice and food security.

Reviewers and Editors

Isaac Newton Bortey

Sara Chatterjee

Marta Pilati

Alexandra Rinaldi

Siljan Tveitnes

Friends of The Policy Corner

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