The Policy Corner is an inclusive, independent platform for students and young professionals to publish research-based articles on global issues. Our mission is to empower young scholars to engage in public debate and learn the skills needed to transfer specialized knowledge into the policy world. For readers, we aim to provide innovative commentaries on current policy challenges. All articles are subject to double-blind peer review, providing contributors constructive feedback on their argument and writing.

The Policy Corner was founded in 2016 by a group of eleven master’s students studying international affairs at the Free University of Berlin and Sciences Po Paris. The majority of our core team is currently based in Berlin. Since October 2016 our team has been supported by six master’s students at Sciences Po, who are contributing as members of a Projet Collectif. Currently, we are in the process of setting up multiple local chapters of The Policy Corner around the world, for example in Maputo, Paris and Wellington. This effort is generously supported by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung).

Our Team

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Alina Bill-Weilandt

Alina is co-founder of The Policy Corner e.V.. She contributes to the strategic direction of the association, is a copy-editor, and supports the creation of new policy writing networks. In the framework of the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs, Alina works on climate risk management.

Hannah Brandt

Hannah is a member of the editorial and peer-review team, and a board member for the Policy Corner's Policy Writing Circles. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Politics and Law at Sciences Po Paris. She is also a research assistant at the Hudson Institute, focusing on Eurasia, International Security and Human Rights.

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Sarah Bressan

Sarah is a founding member of The Policy Corner e.V. and currently serves as vice president. She is a member of the management team and mentors The Policy Corner's team project at Sciences Po Paris. Sarah studied political science and international security in Mannheim, Seoul, Paris and Berlin. She is a research associate in Peace and Security at the Global Public Policy Institute, a Berlin-based think tank.

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Dylan Chambers

Dylan is responsible for strategic direction and is a copy-editor in the Editorial team. Dylan studies International Public Management and Political Science and works as a research assistant at the Berlin Social Science Center. His research interests include economic governance, trade agreements, and development policy.

Felicitas Fritzsche

Felicitas is a member of the editorial management team and co-responsible for the peer-review process. She finished her Bachelor degree at University College Maastricht and is currently pursuing her Master in Public Policy at the University of Potsdam. Her interests include International and European law, international organisations, and development policy.

Nadine Grimm-Pampe

Nadine is one of our founding members and manages the peer-review process together with Felicitas. She also organizes team trainings and workshops on writing and peer-reviewing. Nadine completed a double master’s degree in International Development at Freie University Berlin and Sciences Po Paris. She currently works in the World Food Program's Ecuador office. Her research interests include land use and food security, spatial inequalities and the nexus of conflict and development.

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Felix Hoffmann

Felix is producing and moderating the Policy Corner Podcast and coordinates the work of The Policy Corner. He currently pursues his Masters degree in International Relations and Journalism at SciencesPo Paris. Felix’ research interests include International Relations, Human Rights and Peace and Conflict Studies.

Tobias Jerzewski

Tobias deals with our partnerships & developments and co-manages the policy writing circle project. He studied European Affairs in Paris and Berlin and has a particular passion for Hannah Arendt’s political philosophy. Besides his addiction to French “savoir vivre”, he is a true sports lover.

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Yasser Lahbibi

Yasser is responsible for our website design. He is currently completing his double master’s degree in International Public Management and his main area of interest is the political dynamics and diplomatic relations with Arab countries in the Middle East. He has a strong interest in IT with a focus on web technologies & development.

Moritz Valentino Matzner

Moritz manages our partnerships and the policy writing network project together with Tobias and Alina. Before pursuing a MA in International Security at Sciences Po Paris and FU Berlin he studied political science at FU Berlin and the University of Chicago and worked as a journalist. He likes to unveil political and economic interests when investigating a security environment and to connect financial flows, development assistance, and foreign policy.

Charlotte Mencke

Charlotte is currently pursuing a dual B.A. in political science with a focus on political theory and philosophy. Her research interests include transatlantic relations, democratic theory and morals in politics. Besides her studies and her work as a Program Assistant for the Aspen Institute Germany, Charlotte loves music and plays the violin in several orchestras.

Isabel Redies

With a background in Social and Political Geography, Isabel currently studies the MSc in Development Studies at London School of Economics and Political Science. Her interests include land and water policy and conflict, environmental peace-building, postcolonialism, feminism and how these topics relate to development.

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Delia Roling

As part of the Communications Team, Delia manages the social media channels. She is also the internal coordinator for the Web & Design team. She studies European Affairs and is particularly interested in diplomatic relations as well as environmental policies.

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Fabio Thoma

Fabio is responsible for the strategic direction of our project and organizes events and trainings. Fabio has a particular interest in questions of sustainable development and inclusive growth. Besides his studies he works as a consultant for the IFC MENA Development Impact Unit.

Paris Team

Fleur Behrendt

Fleur is a member of the Sciences Po chapter of the Policy Corner in Paris. She is pursuing a dual Master’s Degree program in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at the Paris School of International Affairs and Conflict, Security & Development at King’s College London. Her research interests include human rights challenges in relation to armed conflict; postcolonial theory, and migration policy. Fleur received a Bachelor’s degree in North American studies from the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany.

Melinda Bernard

Mindie is a member of the Policy Corner Projet Collectif at SciencesPo Paris. She is pursuing a Masters degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at the Paris School of International Affairs. Her interests include countering gender-based violence; conflict prevention; accountability for human rights violations by international investment projects; and civic empowerment in sub-Saharan Africa. She has a BA in International Studies from the University of San Francisco.

Julien Richard

Julien is currently in Paris undergoing a Master’s degree in International Security with a concentration in diplomatic negotiation. Beyond his passion for sports and music, his interests lie in trying to find ways on how to reshape the public and political discourse of migration and security in Europe and beyond.

Maximilian Richter

Maximilian is part of the Policy Corner’s Paris chapter. He is pursuing a Master's degree in Digital, New Technology and Public Policy at Sciences Po Paris. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in politics and economics at the University of Bamberg, Germany. His research foci include the ethics and regulation of Artificial Intelligence as well as digital privacy. He is further interested in leveraging digitalization and innovative technologies in public sector institutions.

Louise Schlüter

Louise is part of the Policy Corner Projet Collectif in SciencesPo Paris. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in European Affairs with a focus on public health at SciencesPo Paris. Having previously studied European Public Health at Maastricht University as well as worked in the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU, her interests include European politics, the functioning of the European Union as well as policymaking in the field of EU and global public health.

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