The Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation – Turning the Global House Upside Down or Offering A Much Needed Power Change?

Digital policy touches upon a wide variety of topics on a global level, including digital infrastructure and administration, the future of work, health, IT security and privacy. Digital topics are increasingly influencing a wide range of policy areas. Governments are already facing problems to keep up with the speed of tech innovation. In the realm of international security, non-governmental organizations, commercial and private actors are gaining influence.

Who is calling the shots with digital transformation? We want to know what policy recommendations you(th) have/has for political actors, businesses and civil society, in the light of the power shifts, digitization entails: is it turning the global power house up-side down or offering a much needed power change? Make sure to participate in our essay competition! Deadline is on December 20th 2019.


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Submission Details

Papers must be submitted by December 20, 2019, 23h59 (CET).

Papers must be submitted via email in either .doc or .docx formats. In order to submit the best article possible, please familiarise yourself with our submission requirements and the format of articles on the Policy Corner website. Please note that we only accept and publish articles which conform to these criteria. Submission emails should include the following information, not appearing on the paper itself:

Your name

Title and word count of your document

Your age

Your current location

Information on your age, name, and location will neither be shared with the review team nor with the jury.

Papers must address a topical issue area, challenge, or initiative and make potentially actionable and innovative policy recommendations.

Papers must be between 800-1000 words.

If they conform to The Policy Corner’s submission requirements, they will go through a peer review process and be published after successful completion.